Jan 2, 2012

my investment: CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Growth Fund

haa, juz wanna share my experience a bit in investment of our epf acs 1 fund...
as allowed by law, we can withdraw 20% of the fund less the minimum amount
let say me, I got 30k and at age 27 my min acs should be 12 k
so the amount allowed to be invested will be 30k-12 k = (18k) x 20% = 3600
it can be repeated every 3 month...

i juz started recently, in Dec 2011
at that time the unit cost is rm1.15
n when i check on the website today it value at rm1.20
it's 5 sen increase... and i am happy that if this is the trend monthly...
return of more than 10% per annum won't be a dreams... it almost double in percentage compared to let it stay in epf... hehe... currently with recent economics situation, it does sound good...

here is the link for more info on this topics...

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  1. update: statemen Jan 2012
    rm3685, invest rm 3520 in Dec 2011