Jun 27, 2012

Sceneries - Putrajaya Wetland & Flamingo By The Lake


There's only a few pictures taken here, in the evening.
It's a nice place but there are not much sceneries that captures my view.
With the wind blowing peacefully, it's an ideal places for a chit chat with friends.
There are also a cafe here, so that you can eat or just take a sip of drinks when u r thirsty.


Berani lak for the first time drive masuk KL.. 2x lak tuuu... Nasib baek ade GPS kan

takde sape nak ambil pics saya dah so kena ler amek sendiri jer... sob3 :'(

As the names suppose - Flamingo By The Lake

Terlupa jap kte nie kat tengah2 bandar KL

Here is the entrance to the hotel...

Santek kan swimming pool dier nie...  Huhu
In the same viccinity, there are bowling centre also

So kte maen lah bowling 2 frame... hehe

Pilih2 bola mana nak kte ke longkang kan... Haha

So jom kte baling menuju ke longkang... Haha... Dapat gak 3 strike & 3 spare walau ade ke longkang

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