Jun 26, 2012

Corat coret 26 Jun 2012

Hai, my heart diary...
Huhu, lama tak menjengah ruangan dalam hati..
Maybe will be closed temporarily till after Eid..
Nak kena renovation, kasi cuci2 hati bagi bersih menjelang Ramadhan

I don't like to pressure people & I think if I have some meaning in their life, they will show it through their actions without being asked what to do or so on.

Sometimes people looks on my outward appearances.
I seems so calm, though on emotional stress, & seems cheerful
But it is to cover from what in my innermost state of mind, soul & heart
I got to control my outward looks - as I carry my family name
I got to make my parents proud of me. I cannot show my weakness to others.
I still gotta lot to do, to help other people who in need, who need my counsel, motivation.
Sometimes people said when you are too kind, you will be in a problem.
It may be true, when my bona-fide intention to help my friend had been misunderstood
Nothing to regret when u do good deeds, hope only from God that will return the favour to us.

But life offer us with a great opportunity.

When will my frozen time in my heart being melt again by chance. When will my heart become warm again & the bloods start to flow to my very deep vein..?


  1. Finally, u found someone.. i'm happy for you.. btw, saya kat library raja tun uda sekarang ni.. study alone..

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